White Crowns

What is a White Crown?
Are they “better for my child than a Stainless Steel Crown? Stainless steel crowns are a tried and true restorative technique. They have been used for decades with great success. The white crowns that we use are made from a very durable and strong material called Zirconia.

Created by mother nature and perfected by EZ-Pedo, Zirconia is the high-tech ceramic of the future! With its fine-grain translucent crystal structure, Zirconia produces esthetics that rival nature. Virtually indestructible, Zirconia can take a beating like no other dental material. Completely bio-inert and resistant to decay and plaque accumulation, Zirconia is the material of choice for optimal health.

Are they more costly?
Zirconia crowns are more expensive to make and buy. They require a slightly more complicated preparation process. And they look like natural teeth. For these reasons they are a little more costly (usually about $150 difference), many insurance companies cover at least a portion of the fee.

What are the benefits to my child?
While many kids love the look of a silver “Pirate” tooth, some kids and parents may elect not to have silver teeth. Zirconia Crowns provide an aesthetic alternative to a silver tooth when a large cavity is discovered. Dr. Cox has placed many zirconia crowns in his practice with nothing but great success and satisfaction of patient, parent and doctor. They really look great, in fact, often times it is hard to spot the zirconia crown in the mouth.